Nivo – Hardware Procurement Solutions

Our hardware procurement services take the stress out of your day by simplifying the arduous and time-consuming process of sourcing new equipment yourself. We consider several factors, including your budget, storage and processing requirements, company requirements, workstation and server requirements, and future growth, to provide the best solution for your unique circumstances.

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Our Process

  • One of our representatives will discuss your specific technological requirements with you.

  • If need be, we will do an on-site assessment.

  • Using our extensive product knowledge, we will suggest the best hardware solution to suit your needs.

  • These suggested items will then be placed into your online shopping cart so that you can view them at your convenience.

  • While you make your decisions, we will be available to discuss and explain why we selected these items.

  • We can make amendments at any point during this process.

  • Once your purchase is complete we will courier your products via one of our tested couriers.

  • Or we will deploy one of our trusted vendors to complete the installation process for you.

This service aims to reduce the stress and uncertainty of the technology purchasing process. To allow you to make informed decisions and get the best value for your money.

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Our End-To-End Solutions Include

  • On-site assessment

  • Budget discussions

  • Sourcing of local and international stock

  • Constant updates and communication

  • Flexibility – making changes on the go

  • Installation of equipment

  • Quick turnaround times and deliveries

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The Benefits Of Hardware Procurement With Nivo

  • Access to a selection of businesses that provide on-site assessments and installation of IT equipment for various projects

  • 80+ supplier database - sourcing local and international stock

  • Tailormade solutions to suit your requirements

  • Constant communication and flexibility

  • Prioritization of customers over resellers

  • Tested couriers for quick deliveries

  • Local brand warranty support

  • Unbiased and honest advice

  • Expert support - 15+ years of industry experience

  • 100% user satisfaction

  • Increased efficiency

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Proper Hardware Procurement

Proper hardware procurement is essential whether you want a full-scale new office setup or to replace a small amount of your equipment. At Nivo, we understand that, in many cases, you won’t have an in-house expert to help you set up your infrastructure correctly. Therefore, our procurement solutions can benefit you.

Operational Excellence

We are committed to operational excellence and keeping up with market innovation and development. Since our inception in 2007, our team has enriched people’s lives in South Africa with exceptional technical services, including memory and component upgrades, diagnosis, and assessment of hardware problems.

Customer Satisfaction

At Nivo, we believe that growth should never be at the cost of the customer, and to ensure this, we always pay attention to the details and the needs of our customers. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in our repeat engagements and top-notch customer reviews.

Stress-Free Service

We will remove the stress and frustration from the equation by doing all the nitty gritty work for you. Maximize your efficiency and minimize your costs with Nivo’s hardware procurement services, don’t let outdated technology hold your business back. Shop with us today.