Prepaid Airtime, Data & SMS Bundles

Since you are here may I share with you? You may or may not know that in addition to the site you are visiting, we run a second business. MyAirtime.

MyAirtime, headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa was established in 2017. It is one of a few bulk and pinless recharge airtime and data bundle service providers in the South African online market. It grew out of Nivo Interactive Shopping which was established in 2007. Initially Nivo only sold products. In 2009 it started selling airtime and data bundles. Nivo Shopping was split to MyAirtime (2017) and 1StopShop (2019) to be hosted on our new revolutionary e-commerce platform RetailConnection is currently hosting over 100 other e-commerce online shop. MyAirtime, Nivo, and RetailConnection all resort under Integral Design Systems CC. We distinguish ourselves from other competitors in the same market by lending a personal touch.

A user-friendly interface uses an Excel based worksheet to upload recharging across all 4 major service providers in South Africa.

Our customers’ repeat business was essential to our success. We adopted a quest for long term customer satisfaction. This ensured that we have customers who have been using our services continuously since 2011. We have a substantial base of long-term (5 years and more) customers.  

Even though the process of recharging is automated, we lend personal attention when required. These policies guaranteed that we remained competitive as, although our office hours are from 08H00 to 17H00, we avail ourselves until 22H00 via WhatsApp. The customer’s convenience experience is key. If all guidelines are complied with, recharge is immediate.  

We are at present serving only the South African market but have the facilities to make inroads into the international market.